Committed to providing our customers with great products, Eatalia Imports works with a few manufacturers as The importer and master distributor for their products in the US market. We specialize in provisions and are proud to be the importer of Rovagnati, Italian Charcuterie products, and Coricelli, olive oils from spoletto.

“A Special Tribute to Senior Paolo Rovagnati who passed in November 2008”, Mr. Paolo Rovagnati was a great inspiration for me and was the main reason I continue to be committed to this superb quality product that has a great family name standing behind it.

Mr. Rovagnati, was the genius behind the Italian Infamous Gran Biscotto (if you have not tried it, you should). It is the best PROSCIUTTO COTTO amongst Italians.His motto was “GIVE THE CUSTOMER THE BEST QUALITY AND TASTY PRODUCT”.

Mrs. Claudia Rovagnati along with Lorenzo and Ferruccio Rovagnati are carrying the torch and following the same foot steps today.